Sprinkle & Sweep Litter Box Deodoriser (8oz)

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Funky smells coming from your cat’s litter box? Sprinkle & Sweep’s new Litter Box Deodoriser will make those pungent odours disappear faster than your cat can say “meow”!

The dilemma of traditional litter additives is well-known; they often claim to neutralize odors but end up merely camouflaging them with strong perfumes. The result? An odd mixture of artificial "freshness" and unmistakable litter box aromas pervading your living space. It's hardly the blend of odors anyone desires in their home.

This new Litter Box Deodoriser by Sprinkle & Sweep is truly maximising odour control with its innovative blend of natural, ultra-absorbent materials. By harnessing the power of porous volcanic rock and coconut-derived activated carbon, this product doesn’t just mask odours—it effectively neutralises them. The sponge-like microscopic properties of the refined volcanic rock acts as a powerful desiccant, ensuring pet waste is promptly dehydrated to halt odour formation at its source. Simultaneously, the activated carbon captures and neutralises any residual odours, preventing them from escaping into your home.

The result is a truly odour-free environment, allowing you and your feline friends to coexist in perfect harmony, no matter how many cats call your space home. Choose Sprinkle & Sweep's Litter Box Deodoriser for a fresher, cleaner home where the only thing that lingers is comfort and peace, not unpleasant smells.


  • 1 month supply for 1-2 cat homes.

  • Advanced natural formula dehydrates pet waste for unmatched odour control and improved litter longevity. 

  • Coconut Activated Carbon permanently eliminates odour release at the source.

  • Essential oil aroma of Bamboo, Mint & Lime ensures a heavenly smelling litter area.

  • Non-toxic whisker safe formula

  • Made in the USA



Step 1: Sprinkle 3-4 tablespoons evenly into a clean and filled litter box. 

Step 2: Scoop clumps and solid waste after your cat has visited the litter box, then mix litter for 15 seconds using your litter scoop to promote dryness. Next, evenly spread a light layer of Litter Deodorizer onto the top of the litter - your cat will mix it in. 


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