Our Best Bird Feeder Yet.

We listened to all your feedback and put it into one design. The all new PestOff 2.0 is a bird feeder you can truly rely on.

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Undefeated Squirrel Proof Design

Gone are the days of squirrels outsmarting your feeder, our all new and improved enhanced metal design is a fortress against any squirrel. Not only is it all metal but the mechanics of it have been worked on meticulously to thoroughly improve the responsiveness of the feeding ports. 

Elite Defence Against Larger Pests

The new lower assembly is now far more robust than ever before and will stand the test of time. We have worked around the clock on both little and major elements of the lower assembly and improved it in every way imaginable. Squirrels, pigeons, crows, magpies and rats, don’t stand a chance. 

Effortless Maintenance With Seamless Cleaning

We’ve made cleaning your feeder even easier. It simply clicks apart with no tools required and  now the new PestOff 2.0 comes with an exclusive new seed shield design that fits directly in the lower assembly which is easily removable for far easier cleaning.

Unmatched Capacity for Ultimate Convenience

The PestOff 2.0 boasts a huge 2 litre capacity, one of the largest on the market, significantly reducing your refill trips.

Not Just Weather Proof.
Rust Proof Too.

No matter the weather, the PestOff 2.0 will stand strong, keeping your seed dry. Now with it's rust proof design, the PestOff 2.0 guarantees to always remain a centrepiece for your garden, year after year.

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A Feeder Exclusive To Songbirds.

Now is the time to enjoy bird watching hassle free. Welcome to a new era of bird feeding. 

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