Order Questions

All questions about orders.

How can I track my order?

All orders ship in 24 hours. You can track your order here

My order tracking status hasn't updated?

Please allow up to 48 hours from the shipping date to update. If you still have concerns after this period, feel free to reach out to us at hello@roam-wild.com.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free for orders over £100 (UK only).

We ship all orders within 24 Hours (Monday - Friday). We are based in the UK. All orders from the UK are shipped from our UK facility.

Tracking & Time

All orders are shipped using our trusted couriers - Royal Mail, APC Overnight or Parcelforce. Please note that if your order is over a certain size and weight it will automatically be sent via APC/Parcelforce and/or may incur a small surcharge if not within UK Mainland. Once you receive your order dispatch email, the courier will be in contact with tracking information and delivery times. Orders are delivered within 2-3 working days.

UK Charges

£4.99 Royal Mail Tracked Delivery (2-3 Working Days)

£6.99 APC/Parcelforce Tracked and Signed For (1-2 Working Days)

£6.99 Tracked Delivery 2-3 Working Days (Northern Ireland)
£24.99 APC/Parcelforce Tracked and Signed For (Northern Ireland)

Europe Charges

We currently ship to Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Shipping to these destinations is €12.00.

We are expanding our European shipping destinations in the near future, please contact us for a shipping quote if you within another European country.

Other Related Info 

Contact Us 

Or if you are visiting from the USA, please visit our USA site. 

We operate a reduced packaging policy in order to minimise our impact on the environment as much as we can. Our packaging materials are carefully chosen in order to ensure that contents are protected as much as possible whilst creating as least wastage as possible.

In some cases, you may notice that the packaging of Roamwild products features our brand name or logo. This is a common practice among companies to ensure the integrity and recognition of our products.

Where are you based?

We are based in the UK. All orders from the UK and EU are shipped from our UK facility.

Can I change or amend my order once it has been placed?

If we have not yet dispatched your order we may be able to amend it, however, if your order has already been dispatched, you will have to return your items and we will then happily send out the items you wanted to change to.

Bird Feeding Questions

All questions about bird feeding.

Squirrels are accessing my PestOff Bird Feeder?

To keep those pesky squirrels away from your bird feeder, make sure it's hung at least 18"/45cm away from any vertical surface, just as the packaging suggests. If you've already done that and squirrels are still causing trouble, let's double-check the distance together. Once confirmed, please send a picture of your feeder setup to hello@roam-wild.com, and our friendly team will be more than happy to give you personalised advice. If your feeder isn't at the recommended distance, no worries! Just reposition it and check out this helpful video for guidance. Happy bird feeding!

How do I attract more songbirds to my feeder?

If you want to attract more songbirds to your feeder, feeding sunflower hearts is one of the most effective ways to do so. Songbirds absolutely love sunflower hearts and they are a highly nutritious source of food for them. When birds find a reliable source of food, they will return to it frequently, so filling your feeder with sunflower hearts is a great way to encourage them to come back regularly.

In addition to feeding sunflower hearts, it's important to site your feeder correctly to make sure birds feel safe before they feed. Hang your feeder in a quiet, protected area away from heavy foot or vehicle traffic. Also, make sure to hang your feeder correctly by positioning it at least 18 inches away from any vertical surface. This can be achieved using a long bracket.

Lastly, keeping your feeder clean and germ-free is important to attract and maintain songbirds at your feeder. Regularly clean your feeder with hot water and avoid using soap or detergents that can be abrasive. By following these tips, you will be able to attract more songbirds to your feeder and enjoy watching them feed in your garden or outdoor space.

For more information please see this video.

Starlings are accessing my PestOff feeder?

Starlings are a protected species and while the PestOff feeder can slow them down, it's not completely starling-proof. However, we do have a cage accessory that can stop them from accessing the food.

We also recommend feeding a mix of seed that doesn't include dried mealworms if you don't want to feed starlings. Sunflower hearts are a great choice if you have the mixed seed version of the feeder. We hope this helps!

Why is my feeder rusting?

If you live near a coastal region, this can cause premature rusting due to the sea air. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Many of our customers have found that using a metal spray paint can help solve this issue. However, if you do not live near the coast and the feeder has rusted, it may be a factory fault with the product. In this case, please email us at hello@roam-wild.com and we will arrange for a replacement, provided that it was a recent purchase.

Seed not included with feeders?

We apologise for any confusion, but our feeders do not come with seeds included. If you're not sure which type of seed to use. We offer high-quality sunflower hearts on our website that are specifically designed for attracting the most songbirds! You can find them here. Please note these are only compatible with our Mixed Seed/Sunflower Heart Feeders.

How do I clean my PestOff Feeder

We recommend removing the lower assembly from the tube and soaking it in hot water for 10 minutes before giving it a good scrub. To help you with the process, we have a video that demonstrates this. You can check it out here.

Here are the steps to slide the metal collar up the tube to access the tube release tabs:

1) Locate the pips around the edge of the metal lower collar.

2) Locally release each pip so it clicks over the plastic retaining flange.

3) Slide the metal collar up the tube to expose the green tube release lugs.

4) Press each tube release lug in and lift the tube away from the lower assembly.

You can also see this video for more help on removing the lower metal collar.

We hope this helps you keep your feeder clean and in great condition for the birds to enjoy.

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