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Stop Starlings With These 3 Proven Tips

Stop Starlings With These 3 Proven Tips

Now, we've all been there - you set up a delightful bird feeder, hoping for a peaceful flutter of sparrows and finches, and who swoops in? Starlings. As cheeky and bold as they come. But fear not, because I've got just the ticket to make sure they don't rain on your parade.

1. Gourmet Choices: The Birdseed Menu

When trying to stop starlings feeding from your bird feeder, consider the menu. It turns out, these pesky starlings are a bit picky. They aren't fans of safflower seeds or nyjer. But your other feathered friends? They'll be over the moon. So, give them the gourmet treatment and watch as the starlings search for a different buffet.

2. The Ultimate Starling Deterrent: The Attachment of Dreams

You’ve treated yourself to a top-notch bird feeder, and it's only fair that it does the job right. Enter the starling-proof attachment. It’s genius, really. It's like a secret door that only the little birds know about, leaving the starlings a tad puzzled. Think of it as an exclusive VIP lounge, and starlings? Well, they're still waiting in the queue.

3. A Sprinkle of Spice: The Cayenne Curveball

This is where the magic happens. A dash of cayenne pepper in your birdseed will keep those starlings thinking twice. Birds can't taste the heat, but starlings? They'll sense something's up and move along. It’s a harmless trick that’s both fun and effective.

Summing It All Up...

Turning your garden into a serene bird haven minus the starlings is simpler than you'd think. With the right tools, seeds, and a pinch of spice, you'll have a front-row seat to nature's finest show.

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