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What Bird Food Is Best For Attracting Songbirds?

What Bird Food Is Best For Attracting Songbirds?

Every garden enthusiast loves the cheerful sound of songbirds filling the morning air. However, if your garden isn’t teeming with these delightful creatures, you might be wondering: "What is the best bird food to attract songbirds to my garden?" Don't fret! We're here to provide a comprehensive guide on how to attract more songbirds to your garden using the best food options.

1. Sunflower Seeds: The Gold Standard

Perhaps the most popular bird food, sunflower seeds are the go-to choice for many gardeners. Rich in fat and easily accessible, they're loved by songbirds such as finches, titmice, and cardinals. Whether you choose black oil sunflower seeds or striped ones, rest assured, they’re among the best food for attracting songbirds.

2. Nyjer (Thistle) Seeds: Finches’ Favourite

If your aim is to invite bright-coloured finches to your backyard, Nyjer seeds are the way to go. These tiny black seeds are a nutritional powerhouse and are particularly loved by goldfinches.

3. Suet: A Winter Delight

Come winter, and you’ll want to offer suet – a fatty bird food that provides essential energy to songbirds during the colder months. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, and many other songbirds cannot resist this treat.

4. Mealworms: A Protein Punch

To attract bluebirds, robins, and other insect-loving songbirds, consider offering mealworms. These high-protein treats can be served live or dried and are sure to attract a bevy of feathered fans.

5. Fruits and Nuts: A Sweet and Crunchy Treat

Believe it or not, many songbirds love fruit. Think about scattering some raisins, currants, or apple bits. And let’s not forget nuts! Almonds, peanuts, and walnuts can entice species like titmice and wrens.

6. Quality Bird Food Mixes: Diversity is Key

Purchasing a high-quality bird food mix can be an excellent way to provide a variety of seeds, ensuring there's something for every songbird palate. Look for mixes with a generous amount of sunflower seeds, millet, and cracked corn.


Tips on How to Attract More Songbirds to Your Garden

Beyond providing the best food for attracting songbirds, consider these additional tips:

  • Fresh Water: A bird bath or a shallow dish with clean water can be a big draw for songbirds.
  • Natural Shelter: Trees, shrubs, and birdhouses provide safe places for songbirds to rest and nest.
  • Keep Cats Indoors: Cats can be a major threat to songbirds. If possible, try to keep them indoors or supervised when outside.


Offering the right food is paramount, however it’s not just about what is the best bird food, but also about creating a safe, welcoming environment for these beautiful creatures. So, stock up on these foods, set up your feeders, and enjoy the symphony of songbirds in your garden!

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